At what age I can start doing weights? ¿Hinder growth?

Hello my brave I am here today to end another fitness myths

¿Making weight in adolescence growth slows? Every week I receive a comment or a mail from people who ask me What age can start doing weights? Or if it is true that if they start lifting weights and teenagers are going to stop growing? And today I am here with the intention to end once and for all with this creenciaAsí here we go to the fitness This is something very new, why it is evolving so fast and are constantly updated

And there are things that previously took for certain that it has been found that they are not one of those is that, to do weights in adolescence growth slows This belief comes from the years 70 In the years 70 it was believed that if a child or a teenager began lifting weights and going to stop growing But many subsequent studies, have passed 40 years, almost 50, and this time it has been shown how this is not true at all

Weights do not actually slows growth, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that incorporate strength exercises from the 8 years for better growth as a way to improve performance and prevent injury One of the main benefits of strength training it is that promote bone mass Bone density of people doing exercises to improve strength, and children who are growing need to improve their bone density is not? So rather we could say otherwise

Physical activity, and this physical activity we include strength exercises, will promote the natural growth of children of teenagers children and adolescents start working with strength, whether or not weight, has many benefits for them What are the benefits that children and adolescents do strength exercises? Many have for all the world, but for children and adolescents especially The most obvious is that it helps them become stronger, increase its strength, but also it makes them improve their cardiovascular health

As we mentioned above one of the main advantages of strength exercises do is to improve bone density and make no mistake, children suffer many falls, they are falling because they play all day long, then they fall If you have strong bones because they do strength exercises, the risk of breaking bones is much better Increasingly obese children has more than a few years ago it was unusual to have obese children, there was always some overweight child but not as many as now

Exercise of force is going to help maintain optimal weight also will have a much healthier lipid levels and blood as just explained the risk of injury will also be lower and especially going to help have a better mental image of themselves all have us wanting, we all have to learn to love our virtues and our defects also

But in children is especially important to feel good in your own body should not feel self-conscious and exercising will help them have a better image of themselves, They are going to feel strong and that will make them feel good Children and adolescents who are under growing need to train your body in a holistic manner need to do all kinds of exercises

Cardiovascular and strength exercises, Practice all sport is essential at this stage of life What kind of exercises should do? For what we said, For example cardiovascular exercises, children are doing cardiovascular exercise just running Kids love to run, he races, play the esconderite, that is cardiovascular exercise they can do

You can also do exercises with free weights, They use a small dumbbells, pellets, bars, bags whatever Working with elastic bands, exercises with your own body

In addition children when they are young have a tremendous ease of doing calisthenics that when we are older it costs us horrors Children find it very easy to do exercises like the passage of the bear, the passage of the crab These things are fun for them, and while they are being strengthened

And at this stage it is also essential to work the flexibility Perhaps a machine room is not the best place for a child and have fun trains Besides that there will not be found in their environment, you may not have more children, assisted machines are not the best option for them Why? Because these machines force you to do a certain movement And yes, They are adjustable but most likely they are not intended for children size, Yes and for teens, but children is better than working with free weights

yes, not all children need to strength train, or at the least not do it the same way for example, weight lifting is not indicated for children or teens with, for example, problems such as seizures, if they are receiving any chemotherapy, if you suffer hypertension, or if you suffer from Marfan syndrome, which it is an inherited disorder that affects connective tissue Nor is recommended that children and adolescents their full weight to focus on taking, Maximum weights not only we do when we have already acquired all the maturity of our skeleton and of course, it is essential to do these exercises under supervision

His teacher education, on monitors, whoever, must be aware of how the child is performing the exercises so that everything goes properly supervised So always hope I have clarified once and for all the myth that children and adolescents may not work force because yes, they can hope my video today you liked If you liked give it a like and share that helps me a lot

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