Increase Muscle Mass Fast weight Russian

friends, Russian Weightlifting is a great tool to build strength, MUSCLE functional body In this video we will show the routine to work your entire body, This routine is optimal for muscle development

Let's go! To do this routine takes two equal kettlebell, You can find them at your local gym, but also buy them is not a bad idea to start two 12 of the 16 kilos will be perfect so they will be able to train at home or take them to the park to do calisthenics with weight is an investment that is not lost with First time, some terminology that we use – A set is a combination of exercises followed haran

For example, in this routine will consist of seven 5 A round is different exercises certain amount of sets you should do often without stopping For example, in this routine are 8 but they can make 5 a 10 And the routine will contain several rounds between which they can rest for two to three minutes for example, usually we do 8 rounds of this routine

A recommendation to make these routines and better performance technique – the floor of your shoes should be firm and flat – type as used for Crossfit Then, friends, First, explain the technique todos 5 exercises and then makes the complete round to see as the training is then, the first year in our series set Pull Romanian, is an exercise like dead weight to the starting position should put their feet in the comfortable position aproximadamante width of your shoulders to determine the comfortable position for you can make a jump and where your feet land naturally this will be the starting position comfortable for you

The weights must remain by his toes if you put your back far will encurvar So much to lift, first got on her hips, approximately 45 degrees, its back should remain straight and neutral head with a controlled movement raise the weight and the position of the back-up not encurvamos, but we were straight Ycon the same movement down the hips we put weights, straight back

The second exercise will continue on our set is called Row The position of the feet is equal to Romanian Pull, down on our hips with back straight and then we have to lift the weights toward your side muscles elbows should look up then, so the movement is

This exercise can be done with different tilt back, but they should seek the point where their lateral muscles are activated more the exercise for the lateral muscles of his back The following exercise is Clean Ok, To do this exercise should consider moving as if they were closing a jacket Then, keep your wrists close to your body and the point is automatically rotated cierpo

Relax your wrists should not tighten much weight to allow the weights on your wrists automatically rotated Ok, so, again – the movement looks like this – the position of the feet is equal to the other exercises and lifted weights so I recommend practicing with light weights first and do not keep the weight away from your body, because if they do that the weight is going to turn and they will stick in the arm The following exercise is squat You'll have your weights here after doing Clean

So, to do full squat and stand up to the starting position and the fifth exercise is shoulder press from the initial position we raise the dumbbells until we are stretched arms and return to the starting position I can do with a little boost or without Both ways momentum are well

It's that are a little different, but both are fine and can also be down in a controlled manner or just let the weights fall then, It is a way to lose and another controlled manner Friends, so we – Romanian Pull, Row, Clean, squat, and shoulder press will make a round of 8 sets to see how our training is

Let's go! friends, I hope you like the routine is a total destruction for all body rest a couple of minutes while his friend makes the rounds and do not forget to do 8 What rounds mostre is only one round and do not forget that the best warrior is the warrior educated

See you!