Cardio or Weights? How is the huevada? – Weight training or cardio?

Hello guys, How are you doing? Esteban am the addict Fitness Today, in this video we will talk about what to do first: Cardio or weights? How does this crap? So, If you want to see the video I suggested first, as the video if you have any questions, Leave your comments f *** below and watch the video of the hole The VIDEO OF THE HOLE! If we know in Intagram, Here are all our accounts Follow us are answering a daily question all your questions have already answered about 20 So guys questions, Follow us on Urges perhaps one of your questions is already answered Like I said in previous videos, We go straight to the grain so you can have all the information into their own hands # 1 If your training is based on leaving out stress you can do whatever you want, weights or cardio does not matter the order in which comes first Now if you have a specific objective that could be: gain muscle mass, Burn calories, improve athletic performance gain strength, your training has to be organized If you do cardio first, and even not cardio HIIT, You do change in a time of tape, an hour's bike and that kind of shit, and then you go an hour running and the weights do end what will happen 90% of the time it is that your body runs out of glycogen because cardio does that your body runs out of fuel and then do weights, for weights need full glycogen

Glycogen COMPLETE! If not, what will happen is that when you start to train your body & quot; muscle burns & quot;, because your body needs nutrients, while you train Your body needs a place to get nutrimets If you have glycogen, your body will use glycogen your muscles not fat your muscles! What will you get with this? your muscles will disappear ¿is clean?? If this is not clear, Leave us a comment below and maybe later we can make another video okay? Thanks for the support in previous videos we will do all the training ectomorphs maybe Youtube or Instagram so check our Urges # 2 Whatever your goal, I suggest honestly based on all existing studies, first train with weights If you want to burn fat, Weight training If you want to gain muscle, for the love of God, If you want to train weight gain strength, weight training first and then you can make your favorite type of cardio, If you like running okay can do it after weights I mean at this point is that the weights go first so that your body has a better answer to achieve your main goal with full fuel your body, your body can function better, You can lift more weight, It has less risk of injury then, can do a wonderful workout you Are clean? # 3 I want to tell you at this point, If you're still doing a low intensity workout hoping to burn fat

YOU'RE SCREWED! Your training as I told you before, , no matter the target, You must be strong have to lift weight no matter if you're a girl, you have to lift weights !! Not you go big or go big do weights to shape your body improves your body with good nutrition can do! Good? Now, What is the best workout? Let's talk about the advice 4: combines 2 types of training you will do to achieve your goal faster I mean if you want to burn fat, you have to train more weight HIIT cardio And what's more, HIIT cardio can do HIIT including weights including weight then you can start with compound exercises, perhaps 5×5 configured to work force, and then you can make a HIIT cardio including weights're about to see faster results! That it is guaranteed! Now, If you want to gain muscle mass, I recommend less cardio, less please cardio !! I'm not saying you have to remove from your workout because

your home is also a muscle that has to work, in fact is the most important then depending on your goals and your body type, you can do it once or twice a week if you are in a & quot; fat loss process & quot;, that is different, you'll have to do it almost every day but, If you want to gain muscle mass, with 2 O 3 cardio times per week Maximum! HIIT cardio weights including can achieve your goals completely! I hope you enjoy and the information has been helpful to you now is different if you look at the video and think & quot; OK, This bastard is right & quot;, but then you go back to your gym and keep doing the same applies So guys have learned what I like the video !! I invite you to follow us on Instagram in all these accounts

IN ALL THESE !! Follow us and your training will go really well Alright guys? That's all I'm esteban and see you next fuck !!