How to make a homemade dumbbell – PESA CASERA (Home experiments)

Hi, very good expmaniacos, Welcome to Caseros channel Experiments are here today with Jesus Lopez, of the channel Pikertrainer

And today we will make a homemade dumbbell to get strong from home For this we need two large bottles 2 liters, a funnel and a saw, a broomstick wooden, hot melt glue gun and super strong and cat litter Although you can also use beach sand The first step is to cut our broomstick To do this we need to use the plastic bottle to measure the exact length to make our cut

Introduce the bottle bat and when we see that almost has fully entered the mark background with a pen put our hand and we calculate the distance sufficient to make it comfortable grab him and we mark next thing we did we were take this away to the other end of the stick where it will go the other bottle

Then, we simply have to cut Once we have our stick trimmed, we leave aside and we will fill the bottle with cat litter We use the funnel, we catch cat litter, we open a hole and fill You have to be careful not to fill it to the brim because there now to get the club, so let's introduce And once ready do the same with the other bottle

And once ready introduce the other end of the stick as you see, is almost almost ready bottles are not out, but to give a little more security we will use a little superglue and hot glue gun Now yes, It is ready Optionally, to make it more beautiful and above have a better grip, we can use a little tape American

And yes yes, and we would list as you see has been very strong and no exits bottles and to see the weight that will use a scale as you see, Weighs 3,5 Well kilos, and is only going to try

These two have no idea how to use this homemade dumbbell, so let's go to my channel will conduct exercises to start working muscle mass So the three of us we go to my channel to the video that we leave here () As you can see, has been very good, He has left us totally surprised because it worked perfectly If you want less weight can use a more chiquititas bottles in order to give it a little less weight if you can not bear it if you want more, You can even use a garrafas, sand so that no air gaps as many or even throw a few screws and nails In this way conseguiréis maybe win 2 from 3 kilos more So if you liked this homemade cufflink can click on this video that we leave here where we will see the three performing exercises to get in shape

And you know