Our Minimalist Workout Space (Why Our Home Gym Makes Us Happy and Healthy)

Mike Tyson once said,: & Quot; Everyone has a plan until you hit the mouth" Many of us have plans

Plans to keep our bodies healthy, Wake up early, exercise regularly also have such plans, but very often, takes much less than being hit in the mouth so that those plans are interrupted It's raining too hot do not have & quot; nothing to wear"

What really are doing is beating us with our excuses really believe that the best investment one can make it is in their own health then, to thinking about how we want to use the space in our living room, We decided to make it a conducive space to keep our bodies and the main reason assets to reach such lengths, even drilling holes in our roof, It was to try to eliminate, as completely as possible, all the silly excuses we usually find when you feel the slightest resistance out to exercise No more blame climate, because in our living room, the conditions are always perfect

Not blame & quot; nothing to wear" because no one will see us doing exercise at home in our untidy clothes, Uncoordinated Color of course, there are always excuses to find if we stand firm to skip a workout But now that our gym is just a few steps after getting out of bed, There is really no good reason not to do exercise Another key reason for us was to encourage movement beyond training A training lasts about an hour average, but other than that there are many hours left in a day yet to be sedentary

Working from home, We try to take many small and frequent breaks and instead of going to the pantry office for a coffee or snack, We now have the wonderful option to move and stretch our bodies to keep our minds fresh Breaking a couple of chin really makes the blood pump some foam is the perfect refreshment for the body afternoon Good thing not even have to remind we constantly get up and move now, because the simple fact that our environment is configured in such a way, means that move is as natural

The last key reason is to encourage the game & quot; do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" & Quot; Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional" We really like the message behind these two appointments! We are big believers in the idea that remain playful and have a sense of humor is an underrated element to stay healthy and happy So we try to keep our lives with so much joy, and humor as we can, even how we approach fitness and movement

Our training regime is to explore new moves for fun, trying out new sports, be silly and just enjoy the gift of a healthy body Unfortunately, move playfully in public, contextless, It is not exactly the most socially appropriate thing to do then, have this private space where we can play and dance like nobody's watching It's been absolutely amazing and those are the reasons why we ended up with this playground for a living